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Oak Brook Heating Systems Are Upgraded by AWE

An Oak Brook banker was sick of his spotty furnace and wanted a major upgrade. He said he was tired of the furnace only partially warming his home. He had to use space heaters to keep the house at a comfortable temperature, which was costing him a fortune in energy costs. He called Air. Water. Energy. to see the best options for his Oak Brook heating systems we could recommend, and we ended up installing an upgraded furnace and thermostat that would keep him comfortable all winter long.

The A.W.E. Air. Water. Energy. specialists met with the homeowner and we showed him a few options of heating systems that would be excellent for his home. We wanted to make sure we looked at the amount of space he had in his home, so we could provide him with the best system available. The homeowner agreed and we returned Monday morning to install the new furnace. We also installed new ductwork and a thermostat that he could set to have a stable warm home. The customer contacted us a few weeks later to let us know that his home is comfortable and cozy and he was very happy. A.W.E. provided him with the best heating systems Oak Brook homeowners can appreciate. He told us that his utility bill has drastically reduced because he doesn’t have to use space heaters thanks to the new heating system that we recommended and installed for him.

Furnace Services in Oak Brook Used to Update Old System

Our team at Air. Water. Energy. provides nearly any Furnace Services Oak Brook homeowners and customers require. A recent service call we received was from a local customer who had purchased a new home and was doing remodeling work. They came across a dated heating system after tearing down some walls, which was not nearly as efficient as some of the newer models are. Initially, their intention was to update as little as possible, but upon seeing how old everything was, they decided to at least inquire about having the entire heating and cooling system replaced with a more energy efficient and effective model. We were happy to visit their home to see what we could do.

Upon arriving at their home, we did immediately notice the system was dated. It did not produce heat at an efficient rate; it was producing fumes after being turned on. It also seemed to be louder than some of the newer models we work with. We gave them a price to redo all of the heating work in the home, which was all part of a free, no-obligation service quote.  They were extremely pleased. We informed them that we could do the job immediately if they were ready, and that it would be best to do the new install while the walls were still down.  It would give us complete access to the coils, wiring, and ductwork in the home, which we would have to work on during the project. They were extremely pleased with our professional services and with our knowledge, so decided to hire us immediately to do the necessary rewiring, and to install the new heating system in the home that they were doing the remodeling work.Our AWE tech rebuilt their old Oak Brooke Furnace and provided heating services for them

We installed a new furnace for them, and gave them the latest, most energy efficient model available. We removed all the old ductwork, wiring, and updated the home’s entire heating system infrastructure to ensure safe operation and efficiency each time they run the unit in the future. We also gave them tips on how to clean and maintain the new furnace so they would get the most life out of it. Proper maintenance and upkeep help keep the system running smoothly and efficiently, which is important especially during the colder winter months when they would run the system frequently.

Since we get calls for Furnace Services in Oak Brook frequently, and have a team of dedicated experts for new furnace installation, we were able to do the work in no time at all. We were able to give the homeowners a great price, as they had done most of the demolition work by tearing down the walls and updating some of the old wiring prior to us beginning the job. We not only gave them a new furnace, we gave them the most efficient heating system possible for their new home. Our work is something that will last them for years to come at a low operational cost.

Nurse is Happy She Called for Oak Brook HVAC Services

We recently received a call about HVAC Services in Oak Brook from a local nurse who was a homeowner in the city. She had a dated system installed in her home. Due to the crazy weather conditions and extremely hot days, she was getting tired of her old AC unit, which would not produce enough cold air. In turn, her home felt muggy and hot a majority of the summer, and she was not comfortable in the space. She was also having troubles at night, when many of the days the temperature would take a dip below the average for the season, and her heating system did not work in the manner it should. It would take far too long for her heater to kick in, so she spent half the night covered, as she would try to get warm because of the cold weather. This was all due to an old, poorly maintained, dated system installed in the home.

Her solution was to call our team at Air. Water. Energy. to provide much needed HVAC Services in her Oak Brook home. We initially came to the home to do a free consultation and to get an idea of the problem she was having. We found she had a very old system, and one that was not very efficient. It did not operate smoothly, it was loud when it ran, and the system was costing her far too much to operate on a monthly basis because it was such an old unit. We also found that the thermostat wasn’t properly functioning because she had several independent units in the home. She never knew what the true temperature was, so she was consistently overpowering her heating and cooling system, which ended up resulting in lackluster performance and much higher than average electric and heating bills.This nurse is enjoying the thermostat AWE installed when they performed Oak Brook HVAC services

We initially cleaned out the ductwork, removed old wiring, and then we removed old insulation in the home. Just cleaning the ducts immediately made a difference in how the air and heat would flow through the home. From there, we installed a new digital thermostat so she could accurately gauge the temperature in the home. Finally, we installed a new, energy efficient system so that her new heating and cooling lines would work as efficiently as possible.  This would not require as much energy as the older system required in order to produce cold air during the day and the warm heat during the cooler evening hours and during cold weather.

She is now extremely pleased with the new system and finds the new digital thermostat one that is extremely simple to operate. Not only did we help improve the energy flow in her home, we helped introduce a new cleaner, efficient system as well, which allows her to operate air and heat all day long for a fraction of what her old system was costing her to operate.

Homeowners Call Best HVAC Company for Furnace Repair Oak Brook Has to Offer

We do all kinds of Oak Brook Furnace Repair services. Our team at Air. Water. Energy. is not only equipped with the latest technologies and equipment for repair, but we also keep up with the latest industry advancements to ensure all of our work is done to the highest standard possible. When we got a call from a local homeowner who had neglected their furnace, resulting in it completely shutting down, we suspected it was going to be a larger job than anticipated. We were ready for the challenge they presented us!

Upon visiting their home, we saw old parts, which had not been replaced since they bought the furnace. We could barely recognize the filter due to the dirt and debris build up, as they had not changed the filters in their furnace for months. Further, we immediately saw it was a dated unit, which was going to present a challenge in terms of updating the system and components. Although it was a big job they required, we were going to be able to install new components, to install newer filters, and to get their old system running as if it was brand new.
Furnace Repairs in Oak Brook are done by the heating repair experts at AWE

We immediately began by cleaning out the furnace. We removed the older filters that had not been changed in months. We removed a few internal components that were not functioning as they should, which was resulting in warm air production, rather than the hot air they were looking to enjoy during the colder months of the year. By replacing a few of the older parts that were not functioning properly in their furnace, we were also able to deliver a more efficiently running system. This would help them reduce their monthly consumption costs. The new components really brought their old furnace up to date, and made it the much needed energy efficient model they were looking for.

Upon replacing the parts, and removing the older filter, the furnace repair work gave the furnace an entirely new look and feel. Not only was it functioning as it should, it was working far more efficiently in the home as well. In turn, we were able to help this family save on the operational costs of operating their furnace during the colder winter months as well.

Because their furnace required new components, a basic cleaning, filter replacement, and new ductwork systems, it did take us a few days to complete the entire repair job. The customers were very happy with the result, and they feel like they have a brand new furnace in the home (even though we only did the repair work on their older system). Our work not only allowed them to enjoy warm temperatures on the cold winter days, but helped to reduce heating costs for this family once we finished our repair services as well.