Furnace Services in Oak Brook Used to Update Old System

Our team at Air. Water. Energy. provides nearly any Furnace Services Oak Brook homeowners and customers require. A recent service call we received was from a local customer who had purchased a new home and was doing remodeling work. They came across a dated heating system after tearing down some walls, which was not nearly as efficient as some of the newer models are. Initially, their intention was to update as little as possible, but upon seeing how old everything was, they decided to at least inquire about having the entire heating and cooling system replaced with a more energy efficient and effective model. We were happy to visit their home to see what we could do.

Upon arriving at their home, we did immediately notice the system was dated. It did not produce heat at an efficient rate; it was producing fumes after being turned on. It also seemed to be louder than some of the newer models we work with. We gave them a price to redo all of the heating work in the home, which was all part of a free, no-obligation service quote.  They were extremely pleased. We informed them that we could do the job immediately if they were ready, and that it would be best to do the new install while the walls were still down.  It would give us complete access to the coils, wiring, and ductwork in the home, which we would have to work on during the project. They were extremely pleased with our professional services and with our knowledge, so decided to hire us immediately to do the necessary rewiring, and to install the new heating system in the home that they were doing the remodeling work.Our AWE tech rebuilt their old Oak Brooke Furnace and provided heating services for them

We installed a new furnace for them, and gave them the latest, most energy efficient model available. We removed all the old ductwork, wiring, and updated the home’s entire heating system infrastructure to ensure safe operation and efficiency each time they run the unit in the future. We also gave them tips on how to clean and maintain the new furnace so they would get the most life out of it. Proper maintenance and upkeep help keep the system running smoothly and efficiently, which is important especially during the colder winter months when they would run the system frequently.

Since we get calls for Furnace Services in Oak Brook frequently, and have a team of dedicated experts for new furnace installation, we were able to do the work in no time at all. We were able to give the homeowners a great price, as they had done most of the demolition work by tearing down the walls and updating some of the old wiring prior to us beginning the job. We not only gave them a new furnace, we gave them the most efficient heating system possible for their new home. Our work is something that will last them for years to come at a low operational cost.