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Winfield Furnace Repair Provided by AWE is Reliable and Fast

Recently, AWE Air. Water. Energy. received a call from a homeowner in Winfield. The homeowner is a researcher who told us he really liked to read by his fireplace. He used it quite often at night and was usually kept very warm from the fire. One night it seemed as if even the biggest fire couldn’t keep his house warm. He called us out for a Winfield furnace repair, and we were able to service his heating system quickly and effectively.

The HVAC technician with A.W.E. Air. Water. Energy. arrived at the Winfield home an hour after the call came in. Air. Water. Energy. understands that our customers need to have their heating systems operating properly during the cold Winfield winters. The HVAC technician opened up the heating system and started looking it over. The filter was changed, which is a good start. The tech checked the motor bearings and belts and they were all in good shape. He went to the thermostat and this is where the problem was. The thermostat was sticking and just needed to be replaced. The technician changed the thermostat for the customer and turned the heating system on and it immediately started warming up the home. The customer thanked the technician for coming out so quickly and repairing his furnace. The customer said that A.W.E. Air. Water. Energy. is the only furnace repair experts in Winfield to call when your furnace is acting up because we came out quickly and solved the problem fast.

AWE Services Urgent Call for Air Conditioning and Heating in Winfield

A.W.E. received a phone call from a nanny in Winfield. The nanny called us to service the home’s Winfield air conditioning and heating. She just put one of the babies down for a nap when she noticed that the home was about ten degrees colder than it normally should have been. She first called the baby’s mother and was told to give us a call for emergency services, because she didn’t want her baby to become sick from a cold house. As soon as the call came in, we dispatched a technician immediately to the home.

The AWE Air Water Energy emergency HVAC technician arrived at the home and the nanny showed him how the temperature of the house was dropping quickly. The HVAC technician opened up the heating unit and immediately noticed that there was a lack of maintenance performed on the unit. He thoroughly cleaned the unit, and then changed the dirty furnace filter. The tech checked for any airflow problems, which included checking the belts and the fan motor. After a full cleaning and maintenance, the furnace starting working properly. The furnace was out, but it was a quick fix because or professional HVAC technician knew what to look for when a furnace isn’t heating properly. The nanny called the baby’s mother to let her know that the furnace was repaired quickly. The mother said she is very thankful that A.W.E. Air. Water. Energy. provided their home with fast and affordable air conditioning and heating in Winfield.

Dedicated Healthcare Worker Needs Emergency Heating Repair in Winfield

A week ago, A.W.E. received an urgent call from a registered nurse in Winfield. The RN gave us an emergency call when she came home to a house that was so cold the pipes had nearly frozen while she was at work. She called us for fast Winfield heating repair, and we were able to get out to her in just two hours and fix her heating system that very same day.

The A.W.E. Air. Water. Energy. team arrived at the customer’s home and it was indeed quite cold. The team looked at her heating system and thoroughly checked over the furnace. They checked the igniter, and this is where the problem was. The igniter control was not working at all, so they removed and replaced the old one. They turned on the furnace, the igniter kicked on, and heat was flowing into the home. The customer told us she now felt heat coming through the vents and we let her know that we fixed the furnace. The grateful woman thanked us for servicing her home so quickly. She said she was afraid that if she didn’t get the furnace fixed quickly, she would be paying for plumbing repairs in addition to a hotel, because her pipes were about to freeze and break. The customer contacted us a few days later and told us again, how grateful she is that A.W.E. Air. Water. Energy. was there to supply her with the best heating repair Winfield residents can trust.

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