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West Chicago Heating & Cooling Services

If your home or business isn’t staying cool or warm, then you need to think about contacting a professional ac & heating company. Residents and business owners contact Air Water Energy for all their West Chicago heating and cooling needs. A.W.E. has been providing superior HVAC (Heating, ventilation & air conditioning) services for West Chicago, Illinois residents for over thirty five years. Our HVAC contractors are fully certified and licensed, so we can offer a solution to meet any heating and cooling issue. We back all work with a 100% customer satisfaction. If you aren’t happy with our work, then we will make it right, or you aren’t obligated to pay us. That is how confident A.W.E. is with our qualified and knowledgeable furnace repair technicians. Air Water Energy provides a wide range of heating and cooling services to meet the needs of Illinois residents.

Heating & Furnace Services Offered

A.W.E. offers complete heating services. Our services include:

  • Furnace Repair
  • Heating Repair
  • Furnace Installation
  • And so much more…

Air Water Energy provides top heating services in Illinois. We can service forced air heating, geothermal heating, thermal heating, and electric heating. Our technicians can work on any make and model of furnaces. We can even help you save money on your heating costs with our heating analysis.We are the heating specialists that you can trust and depend on for all your heating needs. We also provide same day and emergency services, because we understand how cold the winters are here.

Air Conditioning Services Offered

Air Water Energy offers the following air conditioning installation and repair services:

    • Air conditioning
    • Air conditioning repair
    • Air conditioning installation

A.W.E. is the Illinois air conditioning service specialists. We want you to be cool during the brutal summers. We can repair, replace, and install air conditioners. We offer only the top selections of air conditioners, and we have one to fit any budget. We are available 24 hours a day, every day, in case your air conditioner stops working. One of our certified and trained technicians will provide a solution for your air conditioning problem. All work is guaranteed and a warranty is provided.

West Chicago, Illinois

West Chicago is a wonderful city in Dupage county, IL. It has gone by a few names, most notably “Junction,” and “Turner.” These names are representative of the city’s history with the old Galena and Chicago Union Railroad (the latter name taken from the founder of the city as well as a president of the G&CU).The West Chicago furnace repair experts are at AWE - heating and cooling, HVAC and more are no problem for us.

It was in 1849 that the railroad found a junction point in what is now our city. This marked the first railroad junction West of the big city. It would be decades later, in 1873 after the town had grown significantly around this junction point that the town would be incorporated as a village. The strong infrastructure of The Village of Turner eventually led to favorable industrial boom, and by the time the name changed its name in 1896 to “The Village of West Chicago,” it was as urbane for the time as the name implies.

There are many great things in town, including the Kline Creek farm. This living history farm is part of the Forest Preserve District of Dupage County, and is intended as a historic reminder of farm life in the 1800’s. There are several restored buildings and functional reproductions of farm buildings (and even a kitchen!). The farm also raises crops and livestock that actually go to market, and is open to the public year round.

Our city is a wonderful historic crossroads where one can take a look into the industrial history of the Midwest, and is also a great place to visit, live or work. Air Water Energy is happy to provide HVAC, heating and cooling, residential air conditioning, furnace repair and heating services to the fine residents and businesses of our town.

City of West Chicago, Illinois

Chilly Patrons Need West Chicago Heating Systems Serviced and Repaired

A bar owner had just installed a new furnace after years of struggling with the old one. He was not exactly sure how to operate it.  When it became finicky, he called the experts for heating systems in West Chicago. Our team helped him get the furnace up to speed and we provided him with some information to help him maintain it.

The A.W.E. Air Water. Energy. team arrived at the bar in West Chicago. The owner took the team to the heating system and the team looked over the furnace to see what was going on. The technicians informed the owner that it is a priority that the filter is to be changed before the heat is turned on. We showed him that the unit should be cleaned, and this is dust that gets around the motor. It is very important that the airflow is not restricted, because it can cause overheating or poor heating control. The A.W.E. technician even showed the customer how to save money on his heating costs by recommending a programmable thermostat and adding insulation. Within a few hours, the furnace was running great and the customer received wonderful advice on his heating system in West Chicago. The customer was so impressed with the team that he was telling his patrons about the great service that A.W.E. Air. Water. Energy. provided him.

Heating Repair in West Chicago for Home Fitness Expert

An avid health and fitness enthusiast worked out constantly at home. Because he would constantly work up a sweat, he was frequently adjusting the thermostat on an old heating system. He called A.W.E. Air. Water. Energy. for a West Chicago heating repair after his system stopped working for a day.

The Air. Water. Energy. technician arrived at the West Chicago home and started the heating repair. The technician was able to install a new, programmable thermostat for him that could accommodate his workout routine. The old thermostat was just overused and out of date, and stopped functioning. Having a new thermostat installed would allow the customer to adjust it anytime and never worry about not having complete and precise control of the furnace. This was important for the homeowner, because he worked out at all hours of the day and night and didn’t want to have his furnace perform poorly due to the thermostat. The customer thanked us for coming out to his home and figuring out the problem so quickly. He said that A.W.E. is the professional heating repair specialist West Chicago homeowners can depend upon for quick and responsive services. The homeowner was worried that the heating system would have to be replaced and was glad that he found an honest heating repair contractor that repaired the thermostat, which was very affordable. Air. Water. Energy. was glad that we were there to do the heating repair for the West Chicago homeowner.

Busy Couple Needs Complete Services for Air Conditioning and Heating in West Chicago

A.W.E. Air. Water. Energy. was contacted by a recently married couple who had very busy lifestyles. The couple kept wondering why it was so cool in their home when they realized the furnace wasn’t working half of the time. They called the best company for air conditioning and heating West Chicago is serviced by, and A.W.E. Air. Water. Energy. was able to come out and repair their furnace to perfect working order.

The technician with A.W.E. Air. Water. Energy. arrived at the West Chicago home that same afternoon that the couple called us. The couple showed him their heating and cooling unit and the technician started looking it over to see what the problem was. The technician noticed that the filter was clogged and dirty, so he changed it, then changed the belt in the motor. The technician let the couple know that their furnace was repaired and the two main reasons are very common problems. The couple was very happy we were able to repair their furnace at an affordable price. The customers said they are thrilled that they called A.W.E. Air. Water. Energy. to fix their furnace, because we are the best air conditioning and heating company West Chicago homeowners can depend upon. We came out the same day that the customer called us because we understand how important it is to have a properly working furnace in the cold wintery months in Chicago.

West Chicago Heating Company Aids Family of Four

A family in West Chicago contacted AW.E. Air. Water. Energy. a couple of weeks ago. The family of four were in a dire situation after the first cold snap made them realize that their furnace was broken. The father tried everything to get the furnace to start working, but with no luck. The daughter was even hugging her iPad to try to keep warm! They called the most dependable heating company in West Chicago, which was A.W.E.

Our experts at Air. Water. Energy. went out to the home that same afternoon. The techs looked at the furnace and found the problem immediately. The techs repaired the furnace and within no time at all, the house was quickly being warmed. A.W.E. Air. Water. Energy. was able to get their house comfortable in a safe and timely manner.  The family of can now be rest assured that their furnace will keep them warm all winter long. The father was thrilled that he called the best and most dependable heating company in West Chicago because we came out the same day and got the furnace fixed quickly and affordably. The family knows now that if they have a problem with their heating or cooling system, to contact A.W.E. Air. Water. Energy.  We will come right out. We are the professional heating company that West Chicago residents can depend on and trust for all their heating needs all winter long.

West Chicago Furnace Services for Heating Local Businesses

After having received a few calls from the owner of some local boutique shops, we were ready to go out and provide dependable West Chicago Furnace Services to these shops (especially important with the looming winter). Not only did this chain of shops need us to update older furnace systems, but also check all parts and components to ensure everything would be properly functioning. We visited the shop and we immediately found that we did have to replace a few older parts in the furnace systems to get them up running optimally for the winter months.

As it was a chain of boutique shops that we were doing the work for, we were able to work out a larger contract for the work we were going to complete. It did take us a few days to get out to all of the shops, but we were more than happy to do this job for the client. The status of their equipment required us to replace a few dated parts, and we had to do maintenance work on some of the older furnaces. They were interested in updating a few of their spaces by getting a new heating system which would provide optimal heat output for the lowest cost to them, and we were able to install new systems for many of their shops as well.

Furnace Services in West Chicago are important for heating homes like these!

Upon completing the installation work, we did a check on all the new systems to make sure everything was also up to date to ensure they would not be paying too much for operational costs. The shop thrilled with the new, more effective heating system, but also the speed with which we were able to complete the work. We are quite proud of the new installation we performed for them in their various Chicago boutique locations. Because we did work in various shops, we were also able to do thorough maintenance in each location, and provide them with additional services for a reduced cost in the future as well.

Doing this job not only allowed us to assist the small business owner, but provide their clientele with comfortable temperatures even during the colder months of the year. As the work was done prior to the winter months, we were also able to provide them with a lower rate for the work we did per shop, and we were appreciative that they were proactive in not waiting too long until we were slammed with plenty of calls for heating services in West Chicago.

This was a job, which did take us some time to complete because it was a group of several smaller boutiques in the area. However, we were pleased to do the work for the client and to help improve their heating energy bills.

Our West Chicago HVAC Services are Welcomed by New Homeowners

After purchasing a first home together, our client (a couple of charming newlyweds) was interested in installing a new central air and heating system in the home. They also expressed interest in having a new furnace installed when they contacted us for HVAC services in West Chicago. They were, however, uncertain as to whether or not they were going to be able to afford the job.  They were initially hesitant to call. We immediately calmed them down and told them we would come by the new home so that we can look at the old system, give them a suggestion as to the type of work they should have done, and to give them a free estimate of the work we would do. Upon arriving, we could tell they were pleased to see us. We provided them with great services from the onset, but our techs also impressed them greatly with their knowledge and professionalism. In the end, we were able to work out a plan that met all of their more realistic goals that was well within their budget. Everyone came away from that initial meeting with very positive feeling and a solid understanding of the work needed and agreed on.

We knew this was an investment which the young couple should be making; not only would it pay off for them now to reduce heating and cooling costs, it would also pay off in the future if they were planning to sell their home some time down the road. We began the job, and in a matter of days, were able to complete the new heating and cooling line install. We were also able to install the new furnace in their home within a few days as well.  They were not only pleased with the new system, but also the timeliness of our West Chicago HVAC services. We were able to provide everything agreed on when they chose us for the job. We knew it would pay them future dividends, and we congratulated them on making a sound investment choice that proves beneficial to them in the coming months, as the temperature is getting ready to plummet. Their new heating system is warmer and far more efficient with the new furnace.
AWE provides West Chicago HVAC Services everyone needs

Now they have cool air in the summer and warmer air in the winter months. Better yet, they are able to run these systems the entire day at a fraction of the cost due to the new energy efficient furnace that we installed for them as well. This was a job we were more than happy to do for this young couple.  We were pleased to know it fit the budget, which they had set in mind for the work we were doing as well. It was a straightforward and intensive job for us to complete. Our client was happy to have it done, and it was a job which would benefit them now as well as in the future.

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