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AWE Performs Glen Ellyn Furnace Repair Just in Time

A couple in Glen Ellyn had just bought a house. When it became cold the husband tried to fix the seemingly busted furnace, but most likely made the problem worse. The wife kept begging her husband not to try to fix the furnace because she knew that her husband knew nothing about heating and cooling. Finally, the husband agreed with his wife and they called AWE Air Water Energy for a Glen Ellyn furnace repair estimate, and once the couple found out how affordable it was they decided to go ahead with the service.

The Air Water Energy technician arrived at the Glen Ellyn residence and the couple showed them their furnace. The technician looked over the furnace. He first cleaned the furnace. The furnace had a lot of dirt and dust, then he changed the filter. The technician found the problem with furnace and why it wasn’t heating the home and he was able to repair this problem fairly quickly. The couple did not regret their decision and now are staying warm and cozy, thanks to the furnace repair specialists in Glen Ellyn. We were very glad to help them out of a bind. The husband had to agree with his wife that it was the best decision to call Air Water Energy, because the repair costs was very affordable. The husband thought it was going to be expensive, but was thrilled that it was affordable and the repairs were done so quickly.

Glen Ellyn Furnace Repair Service Team Fixes and Informs

A.W.E. for Glen Ellyn Furnace Services

Winter is going to start sooner than we all can believe.  This demands critical attention given to HVAC maintenance.  To keep systems running efficiently, a professional should be contacted. Call us at Air. Water. Energy. today and we will be more than happy to schedule a routine or seasonal maintenance check on your furnace and heating system. (Read more on the Glen Ellyn Furnace experts A.W.E.) Equipment must be checked to reduce risks of malfunction or worse, harmful gases released inside. Filters must also be checked and replaced 4-5 times a year to reduce any risks and improve system efficiency. The purpose of filters is to filter dust and other particles and improve the air quality while keeping these contaminants out of the heating AWE offers Glen Ellyn Furnace Repair and Heating Service that makes units function like new!system. The more steps are taken towards maintenance, the better performance by heating and furnace systems.

While maintenance beyond regular filter replacement is highly recommended, sometimes it is hard to tell when a maintenance check is needed. We offer maintenance to Glen Ellyn and the larger county area, but sometimes we get calls when a problem has progressed beyond a simple maintenance issue. Recently, we got a call from a homeowner in a panic looking for quick furnace repair Glen Ellyn homeowners like him could count on. The customer told us he had replaced the filter and done some maintenance on his furnace unit by himself. He sounded like he might know his way around a furnace, but he told us he was unsure as to whether or not his actions had caused the furnace to stop working.

Routine Furnace Inspection reveals broken Heat exchanger

We went out to perform a routine check, and looked to see if we could do any heating repair in Glen Ellyn. It didn’t take long for us to find out what the problem was. The first thing we saw was that the filter was new and looked to be of a high quality. We told the homeowner that this was a good thing, but then pointed to another area of the furnace that caused the breakdown. The air supply vents to the furnace had been completely closed. This caused the heat exchanger to break, which resulted in the furnace not functioning. We asked the homeowner about it and he sheepishly admitted that he had read online that closing the supply vents would increase efficiency for the unit. We told him that closing the vents was very similar to having a dirty and clogged filter in the unit.  Both block airflow and can cause the heat exchanger to crack.

We were able to come back after obtaining the necessary parts to perform the furnace repair in Glen Ellyn. We set the homeowner straight and told him exactly how to keep the now well-maintained furnace in good working order so that it would function for years to come. We could tell he was quite impressed with how effectively we solved the problem and how quickly we identified it. It was our pleasure to help this homeowner and provide him with helpful information that he will find useful for years to come.

Homeowners Finally Find Comfort via Glen Ellyn HVAC Services

Upon receiving a call from a local homeowner for Glen Ellyn HVAC Services we learned that this customer wanted to replace their old AC unit in the home. It was leaking, it was not operating at an efficient level, and it was costing them far too much to run the AC on a regular basis due to all these problems and the fact that it was an older model. They were ready for an update. They called us to update and install a new, energy efficient air conditioning unit in their home. Not only did we have to do work in the duct system, but HVAC Services in Glen Ellyn allow this man to reliably change the temperature in his home thanks to AWEwe also had to update a few of the areas of wiring in the home for smooth operation. This will help reduce their monthly electric bill with the new energy efficient system.

When they called us for the new installation and for these HVAC Services in Glen Ellyn, the homeowners also informed us that they would like us to check on the furnace.  They wanted us to change out the old filters, check all the lines and wires, and make sure the system would function as efficiently as possible, with winter around the corner. They were pleased to learn that we did both heating and cooling work and the honesty and integrity of the techs we sent out to their home. They were afraid the job was going to cost far more than the quoted price because other companies that came into their home in the past informed them they needed to replace the entire system. This was not the case. We cleaned out the furnace, we did a bit of updating work on the wiring, and we got their system up and running.  They would be ready for the winter season, which was just a few months away.

With both of these services, not only are they prepared for the winter, the end of the hot summer, as well.  They had the job done for a price that was far lower than they were anticipating for an updated heating system in the home. We were pleased to be able to assist these homeowners with the HVAC Services Glen Ellyn work they wanted us to do, and we were pleased with the fact that they were so happy with the pricing, as well as the quality of the services!

Now their systems were up and running and they were far more efficient. They are prepared for every season, all weather conditions, and don’t have to worry about high heating and cooling bills. The newer, energy efficient systems, we installed made this happen.

Regularly Scheduled Furnace Services in Glen Ellyn Save Doc Big Bucks

Our crew at Air. Water. Energy. recently received a call regarding furnace services in Glen Ellyn from a local dermatologist in need of regular maintenance and heating services work on her furnace system. Upon receiving the call, we visited her offices to check the furnace, components, and ductwork. We immediately noticed that she hadn’t kept up with routine maintenance in the past, so we did a bit of work on the furnace. We changed the filters, we updated a few components, and we informed her that her system would operate like new once we completed these simple repair jobs. From there, she informed us that she needed some information on proper maintenance work and cleaning to ensure her furnace would last her for years to come.

We informed her that as long as she kept up with regular cleaning, had the furnace serviced at least a couple times a year, and as long as she routinely ran it and cleaned out the filters, she should have this system work like new for at least a few more years. She was pleased to learn that we were able to update a few components in her furnace system and clean out the dated filters, also that with the performance of routine maintenance she would have this furnace she would have in her office functioning optimally for the next few years as wThis furnace Service entailed replacing a dirty filter for heating services in Glen Ellynell. This was not only a relief due to the lower cost it would be to operate her furnace, but also because she was suspicious of local companies which simply told her she needed to install a new furnace system in her place of business. In this situation, this was simply not the case.

She was pleased to find that our Glen Ellyn furnace services were completed in a timely fashion and at a low price. She seemed impressed with how honest our techs were when they informed her of the simple tasks she had to perform in order to operate and maintain her furnace for the next few years. We were also pleased that she was so happy with the work we did, and that she hired us to do the routine maintenance work a couple times during the year to ensure her furnace system would operate, as it should.

In addition to maintaining a close relationship with this client, we also received referral business from her thanks to our honest assessment and professional heating services we had provided to her. We not only perform the routine maintenance, but we are also able to gauge if the system is running efficiently with regular cleaning and filter changes she orders up a couple times a year. Not only did we help restore her dated system, but also we helped reduce her monthly operational costs as well with a few simple, routine maintenance, cleaning, and general furnace services.