Oak Brook Heating Systems Are Upgraded by AWE

An Oak Brook banker was sick of his spotty furnace and wanted a major upgrade. He said he was tired of the furnace only partially warming his home. He had to use space heaters to keep the house at a comfortable temperature, which was costing him a fortune in energy costs. He called Air. Water. Energy. to see the best options for his Oak Brook heating systems we could recommend, and we ended up installing an upgraded furnace and thermostat that would keep him comfortable all winter long.

The A.W.E. Air. Water. Energy. specialists met with the homeowner and we showed him a few options of heating systems that would be excellent for his home. We wanted to make sure we looked at the amount of space he had in his home, so we could provide him with the best system available. The homeowner agreed and we returned Monday morning to install the new furnace. We also installed new ductwork and a thermostat that he could set to have a stable warm home. The customer contacted us a few weeks later to let us know that his home is comfortable and cozy and he was very happy. A.W.E. provided him with the best heating systems Oak Brook homeowners can appreciate. He told us that his utility bill has drastically reduced because he doesn’t have to use space heaters thanks to the new heating system that we recommended and installed for him.