Nurse is Happy She Called for Oak Brook HVAC Services

We recently received a call about HVAC Services in Oak Brook from a local nurse who was a homeowner in the city. She had a dated system installed in her home. Due to the crazy weather conditions and extremely hot days, she was getting tired of her old AC unit, which would not produce enough cold air. In turn, her home felt muggy and hot a majority of the summer, and she was not comfortable in the space. She was also having troubles at night, when many of the days the temperature would take a dip below the average for the season, and her heating system did not work in the manner it should. It would take far too long for her heater to kick in, so she spent half the night covered, as she would try to get warm because of the cold weather. This was all due to an old, poorly maintained, dated system installed in the home.

Her solution was to call our team at Air. Water. Energy. to provide much needed HVAC Services in her Oak Brook home. We initially came to the home to do a free consultation and to get an idea of the problem she was having. We found she had a very old system, and one that was not very efficient. It did not operate smoothly, it was loud when it ran, and the system was costing her far too much to operate on a monthly basis because it was such an old unit. We also found that the thermostat wasn’t properly functioning because she had several independent units in the home. She never knew what the true temperature was, so she was consistently overpowering her heating and cooling system, which ended up resulting in lackluster performance and much higher than average electric and heating bills.This nurse is enjoying the thermostat AWE installed when they performed Oak Brook HVAC services

We initially cleaned out the ductwork, removed old wiring, and then we removed old insulation in the home. Just cleaning the ducts immediately made a difference in how the air and heat would flow through the home. From there, we installed a new digital thermostat so she could accurately gauge the temperature in the home. Finally, we installed a new, energy efficient system so that her new heating and cooling lines would work as efficiently as possible.  This would not require as much energy as the older system required in order to produce cold air during the day and the warm heat during the cooler evening hours and during cold weather.

She is now extremely pleased with the new system and finds the new digital thermostat one that is extremely simple to operate. Not only did we help improve the energy flow in her home, we helped introduce a new cleaner, efficient system as well, which allows her to operate air and heat all day long for a fraction of what her old system was costing her to operate.