Homeowners Call Best HVAC Company for Furnace Repair Oak Brook Has to Offer

We do all kinds of Oak Brook Furnace Repair services. Our team at Air. Water. Energy. is not only equipped with the latest technologies and equipment for repair, but we also keep up with the latest industry advancements to ensure all of our work is done to the highest standard possible. When we got a call from a local homeowner who had neglected their furnace, resulting in it completely shutting down, we suspected it was going to be a larger job than anticipated. We were ready for the challenge they presented us!

Upon visiting their home, we saw old parts, which had not been replaced since they bought the furnace. We could barely recognize the filter due to the dirt and debris build up, as they had not changed the filters in their furnace for months. Further, we immediately saw it was a dated unit, which was going to present a challenge in terms of updating the system and components. Although it was a big job they required, we were going to be able to install new components, to install newer filters, and to get their old system running as if it was brand new.
Furnace Repairs in Oak Brook are done by the heating repair experts at AWE

We immediately began by cleaning out the furnace. We removed the older filters that had not been changed in months. We removed a few internal components that were not functioning as they should, which was resulting in warm air production, rather than the hot air they were looking to enjoy during the colder months of the year. By replacing a few of the older parts that were not functioning properly in their furnace, we were also able to deliver a more efficiently running system. This would help them reduce their monthly consumption costs. The new components really brought their old furnace up to date, and made it the much needed energy efficient model they were looking for.

Upon replacing the parts, and removing the older filter, the furnace repair work gave the furnace an entirely new look and feel. Not only was it functioning as it should, it was working far more efficiently in the home as well. In turn, we were able to help this family save on the operational costs of operating their furnace during the colder winter months as well.

Because their furnace required new components, a basic cleaning, filter replacement, and new ductwork systems, it did take us a few days to complete the entire repair job. The customers were very happy with the result, and they feel like they have a brand new furnace in the home (even though we only did the repair work on their older system). Our work not only allowed them to enjoy warm temperatures on the cold winter days, but helped to reduce heating costs for this family once we finished our repair services as well.