West Chicago Furnace Services for Heating Local Businesses

After having received a few calls from the owner of some local boutique shops, we were ready to go out and provide dependable West Chicago Furnace Services to these shops (especially important with the looming winter). Not only did this chain of shops need us to update older furnace systems, but also check all parts and components to ensure everything would be properly functioning. We visited the shop and we immediately found that we did have to replace a few older parts in the furnace systems to get them up running optimally for the winter months.

As it was a chain of boutique shops that we were doing the work for, we were able to work out a larger contract for the work we were going to complete. It did take us a few days to get out to all of the shops, but we were more than happy to do this job for the client. The status of their equipment required us to replace a few dated parts, and we had to do maintenance work on some of the older furnaces. They were interested in updating a few of their spaces by getting a new heating system which would provide optimal heat output for the lowest cost to them, and we were able to install new systems for many of their shops as well.

Furnace Services in West Chicago are important for heating homes like these!

Upon completing the installation work, we did a check on all the new systems to make sure everything was also up to date to ensure they would not be paying too much for operational costs. The shop thrilled with the new, more effective heating system, but also the speed with which we were able to complete the work. We are quite proud of the new installation we performed for them in their various Chicago boutique locations. Because we did work in various shops, we were also able to do thorough maintenance in each location, and provide them with additional services for a reduced cost in the future as well.

Doing this job not only allowed us to assist the small business owner, but provide their clientele with comfortable temperatures even during the colder months of the year. As the work was done prior to the winter months, we were also able to provide them with a lower rate for the work we did per shop, and we were appreciative that they were proactive in not waiting too long until we were slammed with plenty of calls for heating services in West Chicago.

This was a job, which did take us some time to complete because it was a group of several smaller boutiques in the area. However, we were pleased to do the work for the client and to help improve their heating energy bills.