Chilly Patrons Need West Chicago Heating Systems Serviced and Repaired

A bar owner had just installed a new furnace after years of struggling with the old one. He was not exactly sure how to operate it.  When it became finicky, he called the experts for heating systems in West Chicago. Our team helped him get the furnace up to speed and we provided him with some information to help him maintain it.

The A.W.E. Air Water. Energy. team arrived at the bar in West Chicago. The owner took the team to the heating system and the team looked over the furnace to see what was going on. The technicians informed the owner that it is a priority that the filter is to be changed before the heat is turned on. We showed him that the unit should be cleaned, and this is dust that gets around the motor. It is very important that the airflow is not restricted, because it can cause overheating or poor heating control. The A.W.E. technician even showed the customer how to save money on his heating costs by recommending a programmable thermostat and adding insulation. Within a few hours, the furnace was running great and the customer received wonderful advice on his heating system in West Chicago. The customer was so impressed with the team that he was telling his patrons about the great service that A.W.E. Air. Water. Energy. provided him.