Our West Chicago HVAC Services are Welcomed by New Homeowners

After purchasing a first home together, our client (a couple of charming newlyweds) was interested in installing a new central air and heating system in the home. They also expressed interest in having a new furnace installed when they contacted us for HVAC services in West Chicago. They were, however, uncertain as to whether or not they were going to be able to afford the job.  They were initially hesitant to call. We immediately calmed them down and told them we would come by the new home so that we can look at the old system, give them a suggestion as to the type of work they should have done, and to give them a free estimate of the work we would do. Upon arriving, we could tell they were pleased to see us. We provided them with great services from the onset, but our techs also impressed them greatly with their knowledge and professionalism. In the end, we were able to work out a plan that met all of their more realistic goals that was well within their budget. Everyone came away from that initial meeting with very positive feeling and a solid understanding of the work needed and agreed on.

We knew this was an investment which the young couple should be making; not only would it pay off for them now to reduce heating and cooling costs, it would also pay off in the future if they were planning to sell their home some time down the road. We began the job, and in a matter of days, were able to complete the new heating and cooling line install. We were also able to install the new furnace in their home within a few days as well.  They were not only pleased with the new system, but also the timeliness of our West Chicago HVAC services. We were able to provide everything agreed on when they chose us for the job. We knew it would pay them future dividends, and we congratulated them on making a sound investment choice that proves beneficial to them in the coming months, as the temperature is getting ready to plummet. Their new heating system is warmer and far more efficient with the new furnace.
AWE provides West Chicago HVAC Services everyone needs

Now they have cool air in the summer and warmer air in the winter months. Better yet, they are able to run these systems the entire day at a fraction of the cost due to the new energy efficient furnace that we installed for them as well. This was a job we were more than happy to do for this young couple.  We were pleased to know it fit the budget, which they had set in mind for the work we were doing as well. It was a straightforward and intensive job for us to complete. Our client was happy to have it done, and it was a job which would benefit them now as well as in the future.