Multi-Room Control Calls for Complex Wheaton HVAC Services

We get so many service calls at Air. Water. Energy., but the Wheaton HVAC Services call we recently received from a family was one we were very proud to be able to complete. A large family wanted us to install different thermostats in the home so that each member could control the temperature of the room they were using. We went out to their home, so we could look at the current system they had in place. We informed them we could do the HVAC Services Wheaton and would be able to get them individual thermostats for the rooms, but it would require us to install two individual systems in order for the entire system to work through the entire home.

We began the job. We took out the older systems, we did work on the duct system, cleaned out all the vents and air passages, and we were ready to get started. We began by choosing the most efficient new system we could find, so that it would cost them less money to operate once everything was up and running. We decided to install them both at once; we did one system at the front end, and we placed the other at the opposing end of the home.  One could control half of the thermostats at the rear of the home, while the other would control the front system.This street is serviced by Wheaton HVAC Services done by AWE

Once the new units were in place, we had to install thermostats in to each of the rooms of the home. We brought in new digital thermostats, and we got to placing them on the walls of each of the rooms of the home. We made sure all internal configurations were in place, and we properly wired each of the thermostats to their respective unit, which were installed at the front and at the back end of the home. From there, we connected all of the wiring, and the entire system was then up and running for the family. Now each family member can control the temperature in their area of the home, and they are able to reduce their heating and cooling cost in the home because of it. Not only did this fix help the family to enjoy each room comfortably, but also to ensure the lower operational costs based on the time of year, which they were using the heating and cooling

It was one of the bigger calls for HVAC Services in Wheaton we had received in recent months. It did take us some time to figure out how to properly wire everything and install the new thermostats, but we were also very pleased and proud of the work we were able to do when the family chose to hire us for this big, complex installation and update through each room of the home for them.