Furnace Repair in Naperville is Professional and Timely

Our crew at Air. Water. Energy. gets all types of service calls on a daily basis. We recently received a call from a local homeowner who hired a friend to do a few odd jobs in her home. He had some work done on her furnace, which wasn’t done to standard.  It was now causing her heating system to operate far less efficiently than it should.  After this amateur work performed in the home started causing problems, she decided to call a local pro to do the right furnace repair Naperville residents can rely on. When she called us, we were more than happy to go out to her home in order to look at her system, and to determine what repairs we were going to have to render for her.

Not only did we notice that the wiring was not done correctly, we noticed the filters had not been changed in a while, and the internal configurations of the system were not operating as efficiently as they should have. She admitted her friend was talented, but not a professional. He probably did far more harm than good in trying to work on her heating system. Upon getting the call to do the much needed central heating repair work, she agreed to the estimate we gave her, and were ready to get started on the job. We initially cleaned out the system, removed and replaced the furnace filters, and we got rid of the dated internal configurations of the system. We then chose to install some newer, more efficient components so that her unit would operate more quietly and at a higher energy efficiency rating each time she ran it.

Not only were we able to undo the damage her friend had done, we were able to get it up and running as if it were a brand new furnace.  We only had to do a few internal repair and configuration changes. Now her system is not only pumping out hot air during the colder months, it is operating quietly, and we were able to help reduce her energy bills by almost half compared to the year before.

We not only did the job for her in a timely fashion, we were able to undo the harm, which her handy man had done.  We gave her a very reasonable quote price for the work, which she hired us to do on her central heating in the home. She was pleased with how quickly we got the job done for her.  She told us how surprised she was that the rate that we gave her was just about the same rate she was paying her friend to do the work for her.