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Furnace Maintenance in Carol Stream IL

In Carol Stream IL, A.W.E. Air Water Energy is the leading air conditioning and heating contractor because we take care of all of our clients. To do this, we have a Member Value Program that takes the guesswork out of keeping your home’s interior healthy and comfortable year round.

Recently it came time for us to inspect the furnace system for one of our Carol Stream IL MVP members. We called them and scheduled a their furnace inspection. It’s important to get your heating and air conditioning systems inspected yearly at the very least, but twice a year is optimal to keep you home’s indoor air quality at optimal levels. It’s especially important to get your furnace inspected and cleaned in the springtime, after it’s been in heavy use all through the colder months.

One of our professional HVAC techs got out to our valued Carol Stream client’s home on their schedule. After a thorough inspection and carbon monoxide test, we found that their furnace needed a cleaning, which removes all soot and debris. We cleaned the filter, flame sensors, and burners, as well as flushed the drain lines to make sure the were clear. It’s vital to have a clean filter in your heating unit because a dirty filter can not only circulate dust and debris throughout the HVAC system, but a buildup of dirt on your filter can also cause fires!

Air.Water.Energy. is concerned with keeping our Illinois clients safe, so we’re diligent about scheduling regular furnace inspections and cleanings. You want to protect your family from allergens and hazards, and so do we. Contact us right away to find out how we can protect your home and make your life more comfortable.