Emergency Services

Emergency Heating, Cooling & Humidification Repair Services

When an home emergency happens, it can be uncomfortable to call for help. We understand this and have a created a process to make you comfortable and fix your problem fast. Our first step is to get out to your house immediately and survey the situation.

Once we figure out what’s going on, here’s what will happen:

  • We’ll tell you what’s wrong.
  • We’ll give you the options to repair it.
  • If decide you want the repair done, in many cases we can do it on the spot. (If we don’t have the parts, we will waive the diagnostic fee on the trip back to your home to install the part)

We also add a layer for your protection and trust.

If you’re not satisfied with your diagnostic experience, you don’t pay for it. It’s that simple

Air conditioners…Furnaces…Water heaters…Wiring problems… if it concerns the AIR, WATER or ENERGY in your home, we’ve got what it takes to fix it. But just so you’re sure… here’s a partial list of our maintenance and repair services. Of course, you can just call us – (630) AWESOME – and we’ll let you know right away that you’ve come to the right place for your emergency repair!

Emergency Heating and Cooling Services A.W.E.

A/C Repair
Gas Heating Repair
Heat Pump Repair
Duel Fuel Repair
Electric Heat Repair
Indoor Air Quality Testing (IAQ)
Duct Cleaning
Residential System Maintenance
Commercial System Maintenance

Residential Preventative Maintenance
Commercial Preventative Maintenance
Whole In-House Inspection
Sewer Inspection
System Cleaning
Flood Prevention Systems

Residential Emergency Service and Repair
Commercial Emergency Service and Repair
Residential Preventative Maintenance
Commercial Preventative Maintenance
Energy Audits

We’ll Fix It Right. We’ll Fix It Fast.

You have a problem—an emergency in your home that you need addressed RIGHT NOW! If we could, we’d go back in time to stop your emergency from ever happening. Until we invent a time machine, though, what we can do is the next best thing: We can fix whatever is broken right away. We’ll get it fixed fast and you can depend on us to do it right the first time.

We’ll also make your experience as easy as possible. We’ll tell you everything you need to know upfront. For example, the cost of our diagnostic visit:

Regular Visits
$89 for Members ANYTIME
$89 for Non-Members (Mon-Fri 8am-6pm)
$129 Non-Members (Saturday, Sunday, or Mon-Fri 6pm-8am)

You WILL NOT pay:
Fuel charges
Trip charges
Hidden charges of any kind

With Just One Call, Your Emergency Goes From Awful Event to AWEsome Experience.

Solve Your Air, Water or Energy Emergency in Three Simple Steps

  1. Call us NOW – (630) AWESOME
  2. We’ll immediately schedule a diagnostic house call and not long thereafter, one of our experienced technicians will come to your rescue.  (Our techs are NATE-certified; you know you can count on them.)
  3. Our technician will tell you exactly what’s wrong and exactly what it will cost to fix your emergency.  There’s no guesswork on price for emergency repairs.  In no time an at all, we’ll help you put this awful event behind you.
Emergency Heating Cooling Humidification and More

A.W.E. For all of Your Emergency Heating and Cooling issues.