A.W.E Helps IL Homeowners Prepare for New Energy Efficiency Standards

The US Department of Energy sets energy efficiency requirements for homes and HVAC systems, and in January of 2023, they’re coming out with new standards that will affect the heating and air conditioning systems in homes all over the United States. Its important for HVAC contractors to understand the new standards, but it’s also important for homeowners.

In Illinois, A.W.E. Air Water Energy, is the trusted contractor for HVAC systems, and we want our customers to understand what they’re facing in 2023 when it comes to energy standards in the HVAC industry.

New Energy Efficiency Standards for 2023

The DOE’s new standards for residential HVAC systems have called for a approximately 7% increase in the energy efficiency for every new air conditioning unit and heating unit. This means that new HVAC systems installed on residential homes need to be made more efficient by the manufacturer, and the professionals who install and service them need to only carry and use these more efficient parts. The test procedures that determine the efficiency rate of a central air conditioner or heater will also be measured by new metrics.

In short, trusted local HVAC contractors like A.W.E. Air Water Energy will install new, more energy efficient central air conditioning units and heaters and use more efficient parts when repairing HVAC units.

Advantages of Higher Efficiency HVAC Systems

Though it may sound like these new standards will cause delays or problems with HVAC upgrades, the new efficiency of heating and air conditioning units will benefit homeowners. The benefits of higher energy efficient units include increased comfort inside the home at a lowered cost, leading to savings on utilities. Many of these new, more efficient units will also come with high end features to put you in control of the comfort of your home.

Trust Air.Water.Energy to keep your HVAC system up to national energy efficiency standards.

At AWE, heating and air conditioning is our business, so we understand all the ins and out of these changing national standards for energy efficiency. We’ll make sure to communicate effectively with our valued clients so that they understand the benefits and features of all the HVAC products they install.

If you need help from knowledgeable HVAC experts who care about their customers, call A.W.E. Air Water Energy right away!